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Instrument Sharpening

We are the sharpening provider more hospitals, dental surgeries, orthopaedic and ophthalmology specialists choose. Callsharpening Pty Ltd supplies a quality sharpening service for all facets of medical and surgical sharpening. Dental Instruments: Scalers, luxators, elevators, needle-holders, scissors, extractors, probes and many others. Orthodontic Instruments: Ligature cutters, distal end cutters, needle holders, Weingart and other pliers, de-bonders, bracket removers. Peridontic […]

One Stop Precision Sharpening Shop

CallSharpening Pty Ltd is your one-stop precision sharpening shop. We meet the needs of customers with hairdressing scissor sharpening, dental sharpening (including orthodontic instrument sharpening) and surgical sharpening requirements. Hairdressers and beauticians are impressed with the care we take with their hairdressing scissors and clipper sharpening. All scissors are expertly sharpened using a Rapid Edge […]